Promotional Services

Organization of events abroad for Italian companies
Organization of events for foreign partners in Italy

To organize an event means apply the management of projects aimed to the creation and the development of events on behalf of third parties, whether in commercial, cultural, celebratory or relational nature. Each brand, location, non-profit association, is organizing events i in order to create visibility and awareness, to generate profits, to celebrate an occurrence , raise funds, to give volume to an emotion. The company often uses this marketing tool, regardless of its size, to complement the launch of a product or hold press conferences. In this way you can communicate with current and potential customers, journalists and opinion leaders. Inviting our consumers to our own events we put in touch the end user with the brand, making tangible efforts of marketing advertising. We study the complexity of a brand or a context identifying a target audience, devising the event concept, identifying the location, checking the budget and planning the logistics.