Commercial Services

Marketing and Business Partner Search

Thanks to the analysis of the interaction of the market and its users, we select the right partner to carry their product on the international market, making the creation or expansion of sales network, supported by a logistics service and storage at our overseas offices. Having already the product on the market at the time of the action makes the promotional activities more effecctive, being able to invest, selecting between different business opportunities, in the right direction.

Support for the creation of commercial networks and distribution

The presence of our branch in USA, Croatia, Brazil, Poland allows us to assist the company establishing the network of sales and distribution, identifying additional opportunities for development and strengthen if the company is already established in the area. Otherwise it will be carried out an implementation plan of the commercial network in the targeted country. The sales network will be built, according to the actual requirements with the inclusion of professionals best suited to the needs, especially sales managers, key accounts anddistributors. It may also be provide management support and training for the entire sales network both in support of company management and outsourcing, with obvious cost savings. We also monitors the activities carried out your part of importers and distributors, as well as scouting of your contacts.

Logistical assistance in our foreign offices

The collaboration with industry partners allows us to offer customized services via land, intermodal, maritime and air from Italy to the target countries where our branchs are present. The activities at the destination will be: • Clearance • Storage and handling goods • Loading and Shipping • Planning delivery orders With this service we can also fulfill requests such as sending samples.