“Winexperience – Piedmont” (Year 2017/2018)

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21 March 2018
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“Winexperience – Piedmont” (Year 2017/2018)

Winexperience regionale

The ASSOCIAZIONE DI IMPRESE “WINEXPERIENCE” based in Alba, Piedmont, is the proponent of the regional project “WINEXPERIENCE – PIEDMONT”, created by LC International for participation in the tender OCM Wine – Promotion in third country markets.

The project started on March 7th 2018 and will end on December 31st 2018, and following the aims of the European measure, it has as objective to inform consumers of the target countries (in this case USA, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Switzerland, Canada, Norway, South Korea) about the high quality of Italian wine products (DOC, DOP and IGT), with particular reference to the wines of the Piedmont Region produced by the companies belonging to the association.

This objective will be achieved through the implementation of targeted actions, so as to ensure the “education” of the target consumer to recognize the quality products and their specificities, and above all, once the project is completed, their distribution. The actions will be of various types and chosen so as to reach the most suitable groups of consumers; each action will also be defined based on the habits of consumers and the customs of the country in which it is implemented.

The definition of the market strategy is the key to the success of a project, and if well designed it will immediately bring excellent results in visibility and brand awareness; if this strategy also accompanies high quality products like those of the project presented here, the results can only be positive.