“Lombardy excellence – a tour around the taste (Year 2017/2018)

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16 April 2018
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“Molise Wine Excellence” (Year 2017/2018)
16 April 2018
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“Lombardy excellence – a tour around the taste (Year 2017/2018)

Consorzio Oltrepò

“LOMBARDY EXCELLENCES – A TOUR AROUND THE TASTE” is a project about DOC, DOCG and IGT Lombardy wines promotion in USA, Japan, China ad Switzerland, according to OCM WINES MEASURE – Wine Promotion on Third Countries Markets.

The project has been created by LC International for CONSORZIO TUTELA VINI OLTREPO’ PAVESE, and it began on March 7, 2018 and will end on December 31, 2018. During these months some promotional actions will be put into practice tomeet the goals of the OCM Measure:

  • enhance the EU wine products power on foreign markets;
  • reinforce European wines name and reconquer market shares both on European Union and on the rest of the world;
  • give simple, clear and efficient rules to the European organizations in order to balance Supply and Demand;
  • Safeguard the best EU wine production traditions and to promote its social and environmental role in rural areas.

In this project, the focus to promote European wines, but in particular the Lombardian ones, is developed through different type of actions, as: press conference, wine tasting, marketplace, exhibition fairs, promotional material, media and advertising, incoming.

We trust in this pretentious project, certain that we will be able to meet again the needs of our customers.